Social Media

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Social media is one of the most valuable tools in Search Engine Optimization for Salt Lake City residents.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest… The list is long and these are links to your site that have high value. Most are do-follow and drive traffic to your site as well as provide quality back-link juice that is relative to your business. These types of links have to be set up properly and have their own email addresses associated with them. Every campaign has to have its own individual identity otherwise Google will connect the dots and penalize your search engine rankings. This is time consuming process that requires quality content and has to be followed through thoroughly in order for your website to gain the great SEO benefits that social media provides. Social Media is a great reason I consistently rank for tough key words every time. Proper use of social media accounts get your site ranked high and fast.

Social media is more than just a valuable back link

It is word of mouth advertising on steroids and once developed correctly it can be a stand alone source of traffic and customers. Facebook adds are not limited to your social circle by no means you can reach a great deal of people in your own city without spending a dime on adds just by joining your local groups. Twitter can reach thousands with 1 tweet and with the new and innovative way they are starting to use twitter its a great time to start developing in that area. I see these techniques a lot in twitter where the link takes you to a highly effective landing page full of banner type adds these types of pages are hard to rank because the content is thin mostly pictures  (banners) however with no limit to the amount of followers you can have these pages are gonna get traffic and conversions.

Social Media Marketing