Site Flow Optimization

Increase the amount of PR juice that flows to the important pages on your website.


Salt Lake City Internet marketing ServicesA solid website is crucial for any business looking to establish a strong web presence and get found by prospects online. Once you’ve attracted visitors to your site, take advantage of this opportunity as best you can in order to turn those visitors into leads and eventually customers.

Site flow is how link juice flows through your website.

Take this site for example — in order for you to find this page you would have had to first visit our SEO services page from there click on a link in the sub-menu in the right hand widget area. The reason for that is to keep as much juice as possible contained on my SEO & Search Engine Optimization Pages. This is called Landing Page Optimization).

Search Engine Visibility is Priority #1  

Important thing to remember is you can’t convert till you can be seen. Being seen is the first step of in any SEO campaign or marketing strategy, site flow plays an important role in getting seen then after the rank is established then key adjustments make your site user and conversion friendly.