Off site SEO

Backlinking strategies are one of the top reasons for high rankings in Google and is also one of the main reasons for bad rankings too. Backlinks have to be relative to your keywords for example if you’re ranking for DWI Lawyer not a good strategy to backlink to a guitar shop or an Ice Cream manufacturer. Spamming is not going help your cause either will mass backlinking blog sites if done wrong will get you in trouble too. So when backlinking for search engine optimization getting links is like promoting and if approached in this way is seen as White Hat SEO.

Expired Domains for Your Blog

Now when this is all done you have to purchase expired domains with PR and make sites and blogs on these site flow optimize them and start running links to your site. The more work you put in the better your ranking is. This is a simple formula there is no magic techniques just hard relentless work.

Use techniques that are up-to-date

So what does it take to rank? It takes time and dedication and a lot of DIGGING for information to keep ahead of your competitors by being better informed. Google algorithms change constantly so don’t just use 1 or 2 techniques; Use many, and when I say many I mean A LOT! If I’m using 20 different techniques on a campaign chances are when Google targets 1 or 2 of these techniques to chop down my rankings it has little effect on me.