Why you should optimize media-images

Image optimization 

Today Search engine optimization is very competitive so in order to compete you have to be thorough so that search engines understand exactly what all your content is. In other words cross all your t's and dot all your i'sThe benefits of this type of SEO are very high indeed. I am going to point out some of the benefits of having optimized media on your site and if your not taking advantage of media on your site I am sure after reading this that your going to want to optimize your media right away and even add some more as soon as possible. The reason I chose this image was to point out that there are 2 types of content, images or media and text, search engines can read text.

Most websites have several images.

Media Optimization, there are 2 different types of content that are on a website text and media. Search Engines can read text but they cant see images so in order to tell the search engines what your media is you have to use titles and alt text to to define what your media is. That is why you should optimize your images.They improve the overall performance of your site. Not only do they help with conversions they can also be optimized to help you in the search engines as well.
I use a plugin called advanced image styles it allows you to adjust the size, place a border, align the image, set a margin and for SEO purposes you can place alt and title attributes. I recommend using 1 keyword phrase and a short description. However you may want to add a bigger description on certain Images like banners such as your hear images for these make a longer like you would like a meta description this will help to rank that banner in Google Images.

On Page SEO Value

Using keywords in your page’s content can often be a bit tricky you want these keywords to fit in naturally. It is not always easy to get all your keywords that you want to rank for in your article sometimes certain keywords just don’t sound right or proper in a sentence. For example you want to get the name of the city your in and keyword together because its a very common way that people are going to search for services or products. Trying to get these keywords into the content 3 to 5 times doesn’t always work out very well. On a landing page or your home page you want to rank for 3 to 5 keywords and all these keywords have to be used in the content 3 to 5 times and its not easy. However you can place rich keywords in the title of a picture without having any negative effects. Keywords placed in the alt description are the same as using keywords in the content and you do want keywords in your title tags and within the article content for proper SEO.

media optimzation will give you the benifits of both on and off page SEO Off Page SEO Value

Have you ever been searching for something in Google and noticed images displayed right on the front page. Well these images are titled and alt tagged to show up for what you were searching for. Google images is an authority site with a very high page rank. Those images that are in Google Images have 2 links to your site. The title of the picture and under that is the URL of the page where Google found the image, these are do-follow links which actually provide SEO value. The title of the picture is anchor-text if you have a good description say 20-25 for alt text you now have a nice keyword link along with some quality content and this link is very valuable and is coming from a Google site as well. If you have a nice looking picture your are likely to have someone click on the link and now have a visitor. Having a nice looking banner that displays your services or products along with a call to action and even a phone number would be of great value if found in Google Images.


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