Back linking is a tricky subject because if done the wrong way you can seriously kill your chances at ranking. There are safe ways to go about this, however the safest ways are really time consuming and requires that you put in some time. With that being said if your not a work-a-holic like me that drinks coffee all day and night and gets on average 4-6 hrs of sleep each night you may want to have this done by me or another service.

link tiers

Above is an example of how an SENuke auto campaign looks they are effective because of the shear number of links that come in and if they have a negative affect on your main site all you need to do is take down one tier (article links) this tier can be a page on your site or a free blog (Joomla or WordPress is recommended) Blogger and Google sites are not recommended as tiers in an auto back linking campaign the reason is because they are owned by Google obviously and they can track the links coming in almost immediately. There are other free blog spots however, Joomla and WordPress have more features and though they are a little harder to master they look much nicer once you learn how to use them.


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