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SEO site flow optimizing Hi mates I’m Aaron Hall So today I will be demonstrating the power of site-flow. The best way for me to explain this is to have you visit my home page and find the link at the bottom of the page (learn more) that will take you to my services page and from there on the side bar you can view all the pages not listed in the main menu. Now I know your saying to yourself what effect can that possibly have on how this site ranks. Well the answer is each page has a .15 pr juice so basically 7 pages generate just over pr1 juice when all your pages are found in the main menu (site wide links) instead Im sending all my PR to the only pages I want to rank so by keeping all those pages on my services page out of the site wide links I’m keeping those pages at .3 because the do have a link from the services page and there own juice understand, Good so the rest of that juice is being stored in the 2 pages in the in the main menu and I’m not gonna bore you with how I come up with this figure but lets just say that those 2 pages in the main menu are generating between pr4 and pr5 and in return are then linking to my main site. That Ranked front page in less than 60 so you tell me is it at least worth a try?


The thing I love about site flow optimization is that you can use it on your tier sites because they don’t have to be user friendly then run links from those pages where all the juice is being massed to your main site. By far this will generate a lot more back link juice than 1,000 spammy type links that you get from an automated back-linking service like SENuke, Web2.0 and similar products. I do use those products by the way and recommend them as well but its all about going that extra distance when your competing for rank.

This is an old posting and the site is no-longer set up in the manner described above. The reason I had to change the site was because this site has some very high front page listings and I had to make it user friendly to improve the conversion rate. The reason I haven’t removed the article is because the site-flow technique I described actually works very well and like I said I was running links off this site to as a result that site was ranking in the top 3 for almost every Salt Lake City search engine optimization (SEO) related search in under 60 days and for a time that site was the top ranking site in Salt Lake City, However its rankings dropped and this site started to out rank it, so I now use that site to rank in all the other Utah cities and this site is used for Salt Lake City and doing quite well.


2 thoughts on “SEO Site Flow

  1. This is top notch work.. You design websites Better then I design my panties. We should go to the hot tubs together and work on some designs by Rose Park. Are you available tomorrow.801-524-0080. Ask for Jessica. Maybe we can trade my backdoor for your FrontPage.

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